AI and social listening for marketing agencies

November 25, 2018

For major advertising and marketing agencies, the best campaigns rely on quality planning. That means really understanding who an advertisement is aimed at, and what the best ways to reach them are. And social listening provides deeper insights than have ever been available.


“Traditionally, strategic planning was based mainly on sociological studies. The difference between these metrics and what we have today with data is the precision. We can localize data now, and we just have more data.”



This easy access to buyer information lets Publicis bring more authority to its campaigns. It can show clients that it really knows what it’s talking about.


“We’re trying to make people understand the value of data for creativity. We can do deep studies that take more than 7 or 8 weeks of listening to better understand consumer behavior or new trends. And this kind of depth lets us build far better campaigns for clients.”


Read full article here: Linkfluence and Publicis partnership

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