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Deep Learning and Strategy in the News (Week 14)

Berkeley Lab, VA Use Deep Learning to Address Veteran Suicide Risks

Health IT Analytics-4 avr. 2019

... Department of Energy (DOE) to apply deep learning strategies to the challenge of identifying and addressing suicide risks among veterans.

DeepMind's AI Defeats Top StarCraft Players

InfoQ.com-5 avr. 2019

Teaching an AI program to play real-time strategy (RTS) games

5 Ways to Leverage AI in Your Company's Strategy

IoT For All-5 avr. 2019

Deep Learning: Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning. It's loosely inspired by the way brains process information.

The Improbable Rise of Huawei

Foreign Policy-3 avr. 2019

“5G is turning more into a geopolitical battleground between the United States and .... Policy Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. .... Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning likewise

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