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Deep Learning and Venture Capital - Week 15

Apposite Capital invests in Mirada Medical London, UK – 8th April 2019. Apposite Capital, the private equity firm with an exclusive focus on healthcare, today announces that it has invested £6m in preferred equity in Mirada Medical, a world leading medical imaging software company. The investment will support Mirada’s development of artificial intelligence (#AI) based software for increasing the speed and accuracy of #cancer treatment planning applications, while delivering a more personalised level of care to patients. Apposite has invested alongside Mirada’s founding investor, AlbionVC, and other private investors. Source: PE Hub, 8 April 2019

Skymind raises $11.5M Skymind (*), a Y Combinator-incubated AI platform that aims to make deep learning more accessible to enterprises, today announced that it has raised an $11.5 million Series A round led by TransLink Capital, with participation from ServiceNow, Sumitomo’s Presidio Ventures, UpHonest Capital and GovTech Fund. Early investors Y Combinator, Tencent, Mandra Capital, Hemi Ventures, and GMO Ventures, also joined the round/ With this, the company has now raised a total of $17.9 million in funding.

(*) Skymind offers AI infrastructure that enables corporate data scientists and IT teams to rapidly prototype, deploy, maintain, and retrain machine learning workflows. Skymind bridges the gap between data science, DevOps and the big data stack.

Source: TechCrunch 20 March 2019

Intel Capital invests $117 million in more than a dozen startups

Intel Capital today announced an investment of $117 million in 14 startups doing things like making AI inference faster, helping manufacturers deploy AI systems, building semiconductors, and creating disruptive tech beyond AI in #healthcare and communications.

Companies supported as part of the announcement include Landing AI, a company created by former Google Brain cofounder Andrew Ng that helps manufacturers apply AI to their business practices, and Untether AI, which makes chips specifically for neural net inference.

Other AI startups that received backing today include:

  • Cloudpick, based in Shanghai, which uses deep learning and computer vision for ecommerce solutions.

  • Medical Informatics, based in Houston, which uses machine learning and data to bring predictive insights to patient care.

  • Zhuhai Eeasy Technology, based in Zhuhai, China, which makes AI systems for media-related use cases for deployment on the edge, such as video encoding and image processing.

Source: VentureBeat 01 April 2019

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