Venture Capital and Artificial Intelligence

Dish Antenna
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Investment and Consulting

Digital Intelligence owned by Humans


Venture Capital 

Venture capital activities bring together talents, financial assets and technology. We aim at supporting entrepreneurs and supporting sustainable business and human development in the knowledge economy.


Digital technologies and AI (in particular eXplainable AI) are at the core of deep transformations of the economy: anticipating and contributing to structural, human and financial impacts.


We invest today in the following areas:  ​

  • Responsible eXplainable AI technologies and applications

  • Intellectual Property and Blockchain 

  • Healthcare Technology

  • Green energies and the ecological transition

  • Responsible Marketing Technology 

The StratOpticon

The influx of data analytics tools into the market has enhanced the ability of Private Equity and Venture Capital firms to conduct accurate due diligence and gain a better understanding of market trends within a sector. This also enables investors to support the decision making process for the firms and generate therefore an enhanced and sustainable profitability.

DeepStrat-AI has developed a proprietary technology called The StratOpticon. The technology combines Game Theory, Dynamic Systems and Deep Learning. The StratOpticon aims at identifying and modeling human strategic decision making.  

The implemented model can be seen as an extension of Hartford, J. S., Wright, J. R., & Leyton-Brown, K. (2016). Deep learning for predicting human strategic behavior. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems.

 AI Consulting

AI consulting is the business of helping companies use AI technologies to improve their businesses. 

While most executives have not yet seen substantial effects from AI on their offerings and processes, they clearly expect to in the next five years.

At DeepStrat-AI we also use our proprietary technology, the StratOpticon, as well as our expertise in AI and robust decision making to advise the innovative SMEs and large corporations in their strategic decision process: new products development, new strategic positioning, merger and acquisition. 

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